Experience The Real Mongolia

We’re not a generic tour company. We’re a small social travel enterprise working together with our founding company Eternal Landscapes Mongolia. Our focus is tourism that benefits all – our Mongolian team and the local people, communities and environment of our beloved Mongolia.

Why We're Different

We provide opportunities to those in Mongolia that want to work in tourism but who don’t necessarily have the experience or qualifications to do so. We provide long-term opportunities and therefore experience to those often overlooked by other companies as they don’t fit the stereotype. We’re proud of who we are and  we invite you to part of this philosophy.
Who We Are - Gobi Gua Undur Mongolia

Welcome to Gobi Gua Undur. We are a Mongolian team and a Mongolian registered tourism business. More importantly, we are a family - we call ourselves manaikhan - 'ours' or 'our people.' We work side by side with our founding company in the UK - Eternal Landscapes Mongolia. Explore our website for more on what we offer and do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our philosophy is on promoting a greater travel approach to benefit everyone involved, leading to a more positive and personal style of experience for all concerned. As a business working in tourism we have a responsibility to help combat problems including those created by tourism itself. We believe that our philosophy helps create positive social change in Mongolia.

Our Mongolia Experiences

All of our Mongolia tours and experiences are thought out carefully. We do our own research and design all the experiences ourselves. We work together with a network of local people and communities to make sure they benefit from the Mongolia experiences we offer. We offer our Mongolia tours and experiences with our founding company Eternal Landscapes Mongolia.

We Would Love To Hear From You!

Call: +976 88011476     Mail: tuya@eternal-landscapes.co.uk

If you’re in Ulaanbaatar call to visit our office. We love receiving guests.
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